About Us

Global Machinery Company (GMC) is committed to delivering innovative and exceptionally cool power tool products. Established in Australia in 1997, GMC has experienced phenomenal growth and is now at the forefront of the power tool market.

GMC prides itself in being a leader in product innovation. Ongoing investment in research and design will see GMC continue to provide innovative products that meet and surpass customer demand. GMC products are available worldwide including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America. With an extensive range manufactured using high grade materials, modern manufacturing techniques and incorporating the very latest in contemporary design, every GMC power tool is packed with innovation and at the forefront of consumer desire.

The increased global demand for Li-Ion powered products in popular consumer items including mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras and, of course, laptop computers, has resulted in significant lowering of the manufacturing cost to a point where it is now cost effective to offer Li-Ion technology in consumer power tools. Li-Ion offers significant benefits over traditional Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries, such as the ability to produce a higher output power in a more compact cell, none of the special charging/discharging requirements and with fantastic shelf life, your cordless power tool is always ready to go to work when you are.
Laser Guide
GMC revolutionised the power tool market with its range of laser-guided power tools. This range took the world by storm, leaving many products and competitors in its wake. The range includes jigsaws, circular saws and mitre saws, and each tool features a laser line generator incorporated into the product to provide unparalleled accuracy, faster set-up, and improved safety.
Power Glo
The health and safety of power tool users is of paramount importance and GMC has developed many features which reduce the risks of accident when using power tools. One such feature is Power Glo, a bright neon light situated on the tool body which indicates when power is connected to the tool, helping to prevent accidental starting.
Brush Show
If you use your tools regularly, eventually the brushes in the motor will wear away. In most DIY tools this would mean taking the tool back to the shop for a service or, even worse, throwing the tool away. Tools with the brush show logo have small screw caps that provide easy access to the brushes when replacement is required, making this a simple, inexpensive job you can do at home.
Brush Show
GMC tools with Brush Alert have a warning light that illuminates when the brushes in the tool have worn down to 3mm, enabling owners to change the carbon brushes, or to have them changed at a service centre before any loss of performance occurs